Mural Competition

Seeking artists to design four individual wall murals to be installed at

Freewater Square: A Community Gathering Place

Making Downtown Freewater the Community Living Room

‘Freewater Square’ will be a year-round center of activity.  A place where people of all ages can gather and play games listen to music or watch a movie.  As you would in your own living room. 


 ‘Freewater Square’ plaza will be located on the underused lot on the corner of N. Main & 5th Avenue changing it from this

to this

The Project

  • This opportunity is open to all artists living in Umatilla, Union and Columbia and Walla Walla Counties

  • Participants may enter the contest solo or may form a team of 2-3 members

  • Teams can include school groups, clubs and organizations etc. -  Team leaders must be 18 years or older

  • All submissions will be considered, no age limits (other than team leaders) and no entry fees

  • Entries are restricted to one mural design per participant/team

  • Competition application and mural concept designs must be received by the MFDA by September 16, 2020


Mural Theme

Artist mural concept design should:

  • Reference Milton-Freewater’s unique culture.  Themes suggested, but not limited to, Agriculture, Multi-cultural Influences (Latino and Native American/First Nation), Pioneer History, Arts/Culture, Blue Mountains and River

  • Be uplifting, colorful, fun and engaging and suitable for community gathering


Mural Specifications

The dimensions of each mural are 15 ft X 15 ft with 18-inch borders between and above and a 3.5 ft. base border below as shown in the diagram below.

  • Medium:  Acrylic latex paint

  • Originality: The artwork must be an original work.    It should be wholly conceptualized and executed by the participant (s).  Entries that are copies of existing works in terms of composition will be automatically disqualified.

  • Obscene and offensive entries will also be automatically disqualified

  • Participants names must not appear on the designs.




Finalists will receive a cash award of $500 per participant/team

Competition Timeline

  • Entry Due Date: 16 September

  • Judging: 17-25 September

  • Finalist Notification:  28-30 September

  • Mural Installation:  13-23 October (as COVID-19 restrictions & weather permits)

  • Official uncovering of Murals, Signing and Reception:  1 November (as COVID-19 restrictions & weather permits)


Competition Rules and Guidelines

  • Finalists will be required to paint the selected mural during the two-week period of 13-23 October

  • Murals must be finished by 30 October

  • Only the approved design will be executed

  • Paint and other materials will be provided.  Artists are also allowed to bring their own painting tools.

  • Finalists are responsible for paying for board, lodging and transportation when necessary

  • Should the mural installation be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. inclement weather) it will be rescheduled.  Any other adjustments in schedule will be decided by the MFDA and appropriately conveyed to all participants.

  • Finalists will be required to attend the uncovering ceremony and reception

  • Failure to comply with competition rules and guidelines will automatically disqualify the participants

  • By submitting the completed and signed entry form provided the participant agrees to abide by the rules and guidelines as outlined.


How to Submit


By Email:

By Mail:  P O Box 21, Milton-Freewater, OR 97862

By Person:  MFDA Office 109 N.E. 5th Avenue, Milton-Freewater (Please call the number below before delivering)

Questions:  Call 541-861-1208

(541) 969-4485

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